Decade Of Early Hardcore - 16 september 2023!

For the second time this year we will gather again to Relive the past with the Best and Hardest Hardcore from the Early days. The venue will be filled with only the real lovers of the Hardcore from the Early days. Decade Events will show you, that Early Hardcore is more than just music to dans to. Early Hardcore is a passion, a belief, a way of life.

The Destroyer - Delirium - Bass-D - Radium - Predator - Pavo - Waxweazle - Arjuna - The Bit Reactors - Painbringer - Resonant Squad - Gabber Syndrome - Oldskool Johnny - Sprinky - Mr Ivex - Graat - Scott Marten - Team Gabber - Brightness - Dee-Lan - MC Remsy

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